Monday 23 April 2012


When I talk to people about meditation, some are suspicious about it - ‘hippy nonsense’ whilst many believe that they don’t have time to do it or that they will do it wrong.

However, if we remember that meditation is simply ‘focused relaxation’ (the body relaxes whilst the mind is aware and focused), we can be less fearful of it. At a basic level, if we can spend just a few moments completely in the 'now'; totally focusing the mind on the experience we are having at that time we will start to benefit straight away as we use our existing ability to both relax and focus.

This 'stillness' can shift the brain into alpha rhythm, which is a slower brainwave function than we normally experience when we are carrying out our usual day to day tasks. Over time, these moments of stillness help change the mind and body so that they are able to slow, de-stress and relax.

Being mindful of our breathing is a good concentration method and can be used during those moments that we usually try to fill with activity, such as waiting in queues, on the train and similar. Alternatively, if you sit at a desk for long periods, try spending a couple of minutes looking at a restful picture or completely focusing on the coffee you are drinking or the food you are eating. All these moments help us to still our restless minds and bodies and thus relax and de-stress.

Regular moments of stillness can help us to become calmer and more focused. Perhaps even ready to try other types of meditation!

Relax, be calm and still using this photo - just for a few moments!